“Society is divided into factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue.” (x)

Title: Carries On
Artist: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Played: 119 times


You really only understand how drunk you are when you’re peeing


 ok so if you’re on here it doesn’t have to mean we talk or we have a mutual follow or whatever idrc about that this just means i like your blog enough to remember you and your posts make my dash better  so yeah i bet no one even reads this bit

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“Touching him was always so important to me. It was something I lived for. Little, nothing touches. My fingers against his shoulder. The outsides of our thighs touching as we squeezed together on the bus. I couldn’t explain it, but I needed it. Sometimes I imagined stitching all of our little touches together. How many hundreds of thousands of fingers brushing against each other does it take to make love?” — Jonathan Safran Foer (via havishams)

Title: Radio (ft. JME)
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Played: 12099 times

Radio - Ed Sheeran (ft. JME)

Juno MacGuff; Juno (2007)
∟”I just, like, don’t want to give the baby to a family that describes themselves as ‘wholesome’. I don’t know, I just want something a little more edgier. I was thinking more, like, graphic designer — mid thirties, you know, with a cool Asian girlfriend who, like, dresses awesome and rocks out on the bass guitar. But I don’t want to be too particular.

I got a bad boy I must admit it, you got my heart don’t know how you did it