In 1956, at the height of her career, Marilyn Monroe went to England to make a film with Sir Laurence Olivier. While there she met a young man named Colin Clark, who wrote a diary about the making of the film. This is their true story. 

“It was a moment I wanted to last first kiss.”

Happy birthday Sebastian!! I love you and our late-night talks for hours and hours where I make you talk about stuff you don’t want to and you try to convince me to watch shows that I never will :)))

You’re one of my best Tumblr friends I’m glad we can bond over things like Louis’ ass and Ed’s voice and Dylan’s hands ;)

I looooove you happy birthday enjoy being older than me for a month. Maybe one day I’ll watch Dr. Who except aha let’s be real though… in the meantime we can continue to talk about Harry’s lips and how much The Weeknd reminds us of Zayn and you can make fun of me for not having a penis and I can ask the same personal questions over and over again until you give in and tell me :~)

love you! xo

Anonymous: "would you have sex with grimmy???"

is this in an alternate universe where I have a penis bc otherwise I don’t think he’d go for it