“If this one person that comes up to you and says why a song has changed their life or means something to them, it’s kinda of a surreal thing. It’s quite mad to think the lyrics you write in your bedroom can affect people like that.” - Ed Sheeran

Anonymous: "do you ship Larry? (:"

I would be happy if they got together but I don’t believe that they are :~)

Anonymous: "kristina bazan gifs? i need it. :)"

Are you looking for them or wanting me to make some? Not quite sure what you’re asking here..

I send mackenzie boob snapchats constantly and she never sends me any back mackenzie I’m cutting you off

"Last year, everything stopped and for the next three months I woke up in a treatment center, everyday, away from my family and friends. I spent a lot of time and holidays thinking there, I thought about the sadness that I felt, the pain that I was in, and the addictions that I was struggling from."

vintage 1d Everyone fancies you x