happy holidays motherfuckers. follow these angels and maybe u will get the D this holiday season!!! mad lazy so i’m using an old graphic aw ok gr8 

  • i can’t believe there’s so many of u fuckers i talk to on this website
  • **if you’re not here, it’s probably because i had to cut down this list like 3 times because i refused to go over 110 people. if i’m following u i love u 5ever ok xx (◡‿◡✿)

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NICOLE princess thank you I love you so much you’re one of my favorite people to talk to ever you’re so beautiful and perfect and clever and charming and you want the d so bad god bless I just ahhh I’m glad we are friends ok :)))) love you!

Favorite Albums of 2012Channel Orange

“I wrote to keep myself busy and sane. I wanted to create worlds that were rosier than mine. I tried to channel overwhelming emotions.”;Frank Ocean

I just want to thank all of you for making this past year on Tumblr so fun and memorable. I love all of you, and would never have stuck around this long without all you guys. I talk to some of you every day, and so appreciate all the sweet messages and 2 am conversations. I love all of you and you’re all perfect and wonderful and way cooler than I am. Thanks, guys.

“They like to combine names, like Brangelina. And Peeta and Katniss, can lead to Peeniss.” x

  • zayn: we were in malabami
  • liam: portugal? they speak spanish there right?
  • niall: today was a busy week for us
  • zayn: connecticut! my town!
  • harry: i was wearing new jeans today and have just realized i went the whole day with the sticker on my leg..
  • niall (on his pet hates): rabbits. they are pointless. do nothing
  • zayn: avocados are my new favorite vegetable!
  • louis: do you mean the full breast or just the nipple?
  • liam: where is venezuela on the map?
  • harry: *tweets his own instagram*
NYLON Celebrates December/January Cover Star Lucy Hale

mackenzie did you just call diego ugly

harrywentz: "She says ur jj bc "Josh is ugly""

awww thanks ali does that mean I’m pretty ily bby

we still need a josh anyone wanna be josh even though ugly

harrywentz: "U me and Ali should call ourselves union gay"

yes I approve I’ll be jj

mackenzie I’m in love with you you’re a princess god bless remember when ali saw the light hashtag never forget xoxo


im actually laughing so hard bc christmastagram ok sup guys its court, you can always tell its me bc dumb url