“Get out of bed. Stop thinking about your dreams. They’re not real.” — Words of inspiration by Nick (via its-tina-time)

hollabackhoran-deactivated20130: "How long have you had your had Tumblr?"

about three years i think. it has evolved a lot over time :))))

who tagged me in a post and then deleted it i am not amused

what makes you beautiful VS. live while we’re young

i’m going to go check out all your blogs right now :))))

kissing-theshore-deactivated201: "www(.)thepetitionsite(.)com/967/933/518/demand-slide-season-2/ please go sign this petition to get back SLiDE season 2!!! please tell your followers to go sign too! thanks!"

I don’t think a petition will help tbh :((( But I’ll sign because I love this show sooo much everyone should watch it!

vintage 1d → We all love Caroline x