We Did Stop (the government) skit from Saturday Night Live


so this blog is nearing its three year anniversary and i’ve finally decided (because i feel this is really overdue) to make a follow forever but not just any follow forever, its my follow forever from the past 3 years (holy shit that’s a long time but the same time one direction have been together woah ok moving on) so urls of people who are my friends, people who I’ve talked to every now and again or owners of blogs that I’ve just admired from afar might have changed or gone offline 

i hate to bring a serious tone to this but these blogs (some I’ve followed since the beginning, some not) have made me feel happier. not only do we all have (or had) a common interest in a boyband/manband idk but you guys brighten up my dashboard as you’re all hilarious, creative and sO SWEET I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH  :)

thank you xxx

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Talking about working with a great ensemble cast (x)

"I love when Clary says, ‘I’m not a mundane.’ That’s the first time that she acknowledges that she’s not normal, and she accepts and embraces that. I like the tenacity she has when she says that. It shows her growth." - Lily Collins on Clary Fray

Anonymous: "dont you like one direction anymore?"

I don’t dislike them but they don’t interest me anymore, no.